Your trusted Non Emergency Medical Transportation Providers in the Bronx, New York
Your trusted Non Emergency Medical Transportation Providers in the Bronx, New York

AMP Transportation Management, LLC: Your Trusted Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers in New York

AMP Transportation Management, LLC was founded in September 2022 by Miguel de la Cruz. Our journey began with a casual conversation among industry-experienced friends and family, where we identified the industry's potential for improvement. Recognizing the lack of quality service providers and the community's needs, we set out to deliver exceptional customer service—a vital aspect often overlooked by other Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers.

At AMP Transportation Management, we understand the importance of timely and comfortable transportation to medical appointments. Our team comprises professionals with extensive backgrounds in NEMT services, customer service, operational leadership, strategic planning, and more. With their collective knowledge and experience, we deliver superior care and service to our beloved community.

What sets us apart is our commitment to revolutionizing the NEMT market by offering a high-quality service that meets and exceeds expectations. We utilize modern vehicles, employ trained drivers, and leverage advanced technology to deliver on-time and comfortable transportation. The safety and well-being of our customers and staff are paramount, which is why we strictly adhere to rigorous safety and hygiene protocols.

We have built a strong reputation and a loyal customer base in The Bronx and beyond. We take pride in the positive feedback and referrals we receive and the partnerships we have forged with medical facilities, insurance companies, and community organizations that trust and support our services.

To book a ride with us or learn more about our NEMT service, please visit our website at Our customer services team is available Mondays through Fridays from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm to assist you with your transportation needs. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can also reach us by calling (718) 400-1267 or emailing

Thank you for taking the time to read our company bio. We look forward to serving you and providing you with a reliable and convenient transportation experience.

AMP Transportation Management, LLC, provides customers with reliable transportation to and from medical facilities

Miguel de la Cruz

Miguel de la Cruz is an experienced and accomplished professional with a diverse background in technology leadership, business management, and customer service. With over 23+ years of progressive experience, Miguel has demonstrated a track record of success in various industries, including technical support, information systems, construction, and other business ventures.

As a forward-thinking decision-maker, he excels in unifying IT operations and aligning business-critical aspects of organizations behind a shared vision for strategy and project delivery. Miguel's passion for providing exceptional customer service led him to embark on his career in the transportation industry, working as a taxi driver for five years. Committed to continuous learning, Miguel pursued information technology and received his first corporate offer as an IT technician in 2000.

With over 20 years of experience in business administration and management, Miguel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his roles. He is driven by his dedication to delivering reliable and convenient services, prioritizing client satisfaction at every step.

Stephanie Abreu Diaz

Stephanie Abreu Diaz, our Vice-President, and Member, has a remarkable track record in the industry. Stephanie's contributions are pivotal in expanding our coverage areas by developing effective and successful routing and business strategies. She has 15+ years of transportation expertise in logistics, staff supervision, training, customer service, and administration. Her well-rounded skill set and wealth of experience make her an indispensable team member.

Our Mission

At AMP Transportation Management, LLC, we aim to provide our customers with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation to and from medical facilities. We prioritize our customers' needs, aiming to deliver on-time services that exceed expectations. Focusing on revolutionizing the NEMT market, we value our customers' health, time, and satisfaction. We aim to create a positive impact through our exceptional transportation solutions.

AMP Transportation Management, LLC provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services across the Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle.

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